Alaina & Kenley-High School Senior Photography-Lancaster, Ohio

I had such a great time with these beautiful girls & their gorgeous moms too for their senior photography sessions!  We made our way around the farm just outside of Lancaster, that had so many great photo spots–I could shoot there all the time & still be finding great new backdrops!  Both of these young ladies are runners on Liberty Union’s Cross Country team & are not just beautiful, they’re good athletes.  My boys who run at Lancaster keep up with their neighbors up the road.  I wonder if it’s the running, or there may be other reasons?  I’ve known Kenley since she was still a little girl, & wow–has she grown into a beautiful young lady.  It was a pleasure getting to spend the day with this whole group.  I had so much fun & got tons of great photos.  We did friend photos as well as individuals.  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the friend pics–individuals coming next!

Ainsley-Newborn Family Photography-Lancaster/Logan Ohio-photographer

I had the pleasure of heading to Logan to welcome Ainsley into the world & capture some tiny baby & new family photos!  Isn’t she beautiful?  I just photographed her adorable cousin for her first birthday a month or so ago.  They will have the joy of growing up together–nothing better than built in friends!  Ainsley’s mom told me that her nursery was decorated in a balloon theme, so I brought along some balloons to use for some of the photos–always a fun addition to a photo session.  She was very alert & active for such a new arrival.  I loved all of her little outfits–floppy hat, great shoes–girls are so much fun!  Enjoy the sneak peek!

Joelle & James-Country Wedding in Lancaster, Ohio

Every detail of Joelle & James’ wedding was carefully planned & personalized.  When I initially met with them, James gave me the tour of their property & told me about all of his building projects in the works for the big day.    I am amazed by what he put together–from hand built benches that they covered with vintage quilts, to a huge pergola to host the dinner reception & the awesome lattice arch under which they took their vows–it was nothing short of incredible.

Joelle had her creativity in high gear as well.  She made rag banners to line the barn, a tree with frames painted in their wedding colors & tons of accents on the reception tables & throughout the barn and around the property.  Did I mention that she also crafted her own bouquet?  It was nothing short of fabulous with succulents accenting the beautiful roses & a wrap including family vintage brooches.  I was smitten!  Maybe a new career is in the cards.

The ceremony was personalized by a friend of James’ & music performed by Joelle’s brother.  After the ceremony, the dinner catered by James & Joelle’s favorite Mexican restaurant, gave new meaning to the perfect reception dining experience.  They had an assortment of tacos, toppings & sauces for everyone to personalize their dinner just the way they liked it.  After dinner, the naked cake was adorable & made by none other than James’ mother.  After the official cake cutting, I saw something that has never happened in my over 20 years photographing weddings.  Joelle & James hosted a food fight–actually a cake fight–with ponchos to protect the clothing of family & friends included.  Can I just say it was the funniest reception activity ever.  Everyone who participated had a blast–especially the kids–some to the point of needing to be hosed off once all the cake was gone.   It was definitely a wedding to be remembered by all the family & friends!  I wish Joelle & James a future filled with much happiness–& lots more fun!

Owen-4 year photo session-Rock Mill Park, Lancaster, OH photography

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Owen & his grandma to take photos to celebrate his upcoming 4’th birthday.  He is such a handsome little man, with quite a personality, & so polite.  He knows what he likes, that’s for sure!  He was fine with photos, but as we made our way around the park, he also knew when we had taken enough at each spot.  He was ready to be on the move, but had such great manners when he let us know.  He is such a smart little guy & loved getting to explore different areas of the park.  He also likes to work.  He found several “jobs” to do to help out with at the park involving filling a large hole in one of the big rocks outside the mill.  He was trying to convince grandma to stay even after we were done with the photos so he could finish up.  All the young ladies need to check out this guy.  A guy after my heart–smart,  great manners, a hard worker & good looking–what more could a girl ask for.

Enjoy the sneak peek from Owen’s session–lots more to come!

Suzi & Adam-Wedding at Clearcreek/Clearcreek Metro Park-Hocking Hills photography-Lancaster, Oh Photographer

What a beautiful private wedding Suzi & Adam had at Clearcreek in the Hocking Hills!  I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Suzi & Adam before their wedding day.  All of their wedding planning involving me was done on-line and through lots of e-mails.  I even got to help them choose a location for their ceremony!  They knew that they wanted to get married in the Hocking Hills.  Suzi wanted a barn & fields.  As I was thinking about ideas for locations, I remembered several sessions that I photographed at Clearcreek that included all of the elements that they were looking for.

We met up with Connie Crist, their officiant & drove to the selected site.  The weather was cloudy & a bit misty, but the rain held off for us.  They brought their fur baby Rutti to observe their vows(& of course be in some photos!)  After Connie performed the ceremony & made it all official, it was time to complete the paperwork & we explored the area & got some absolutely stunning photos.  I have to say after over 20 years of photographing weddings, I have developed a love of getting to photograph the smaller, intimate weddings!  Thank you Suzi & Adam for letting me be a part of your special day!

Sarah & Jeremy, Aleena & Wyatt-Rockmill Park-Family -Lancaster, Ohio photography

Ohio weather was at it again before the time for my session with Sarah, Jeremy & their kids.  Luckily, the rain went away just in the nick of time.  I haven’t seen Sarah for years.  I did her senior pictures a long time ago.  She moved away for college, got married & now has two little ones.  They moved back to the area & we reconnected on social media.  I was so excited to see her & meet the hubby & little ones!  We met up at Rockmill Park to capture some family photos.  The girls were so cute in their white dresses & the guys  looked so handsome in their blue.  The kids weren’t really into having their photos taken, but they loved the scenery around Rockmill & got to explore a bit so I was able to get some really cute photos without them posing.  I always like lifestyle photography because the candid photos capture more  personality anyway–especially when children are involved, so we were successful.

We pulled out my vintage wagon for a few, but Wyatt couldn’t get his sister to take him for a ride.  He was happy to sit in it though.  Walking through the tall grass & finding some pretty wildflowers was Aleena’s favorite part of the session.  It was great to see Sarah & meet her family & I think all in all we had a very successful session.

Enjoy the sneak peek of this gorgeous little family!

Adley’s 1!-Baby, Child & Family Photographer- Hocking Hills, Logan, OH, Lancaster, Ohio

How can it be that it seems like we were just welcoming Adley  into the world & doing her newborn photographs.  Now,  poof, just like that, she’s turning a year old.  She is developing quite the personality–Mom, Dad & Big Brother better watch out.  This little lady knows what she likes & she’s already got everyone wrapped around her finger.  I had so much fun working with this adorable little family again.  I always love heading down to the Hocking Hills & if it’s for work, so much the better!   Adley already was loving the bling when I pulled out the pearls for some photos.  She also happily went through several tutu changes.  When big brother Max wanted to take her for a ride in the wagon though, she was ready to go.  She hopped right in & let him pull her until he was tired of pulling her.  She clearly adores him & is ready to share in his “big kid” adventures.  It is so cute!   Enjoy the sneak peek from her session & few photos of their adventures.  Happy first birthday to Adley!

Kimberly-Maysville High School Senior @ Rockmill Park, Historic Downtown-Lancaster Ohio Photographer

I’m so happy that spring has finally arrived!  The weather caused us to have to reschedule Kimberly’s senior session which we originally tried to schedule back in the fall.  She wanted to skip winter altogether & then we started trying for spring–same story–coldwave, rain–gotta love Ohio’s weather variety–until you are trying to schedule outdoor photos.  Kimberly is the baby of her family & the third sister who I have had the pleasure of photographing.

We ventured to Rockmill to start out her senior session.  Since they had never been there before, Kim & her mom had fun exploring the place.  She brought her plaid & cowboy boots, so we took care of the “country” look with the barn.  We used a lot of the awesome spots around the park to change up Kimberly’s look.  Next we headed to Downtown Lancaster–another of my favorites.  We caught the tulips at Fairfield Federal at just the perfect time.  I always love to see those every spring, because that means that spring has officially arrived.   There were other people around the downtown area also doing senior photos & some were just stopping to photograph the tulips & some of the other flowers in bloom throughout the area.  I think that’s one of my favorite reasons for downtown Lancaster being one of my “go to” spots for sessions.  It’s always changing & evolving–different looks at different times of year & even different times of day.  Enjoy Kimberly’s sneak peek & enjoy spring!

Ashley & Eric-Lancaster, Oh wedding photography at Cheers Chalet-Lakeside

What a beautiful spring day it was for Ashley & Eric’s wedding at Cheers Chalet!  Flowering trees in bloom & warm spring temperatures–finally!  The gorgeous coral & turquoise color palette that Ashley chose was absolutely perfect!  Beginning with the silk robes that were bridesmaid’s gifts, to the bridesmaid’s gowns, the groom & groomsmen’s ties, the flowers & the reception decor–the colors popped & made it obvious that spring is in the air.

2016 Fulton Relays at Lancaster High School

The 2016 Fulton Relays at Lancaster High School featured senior night. Congratulations to all the student athletes & their families!

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