Alaina & Kenley-High School Senior Photography-Lancaster, Ohio

I had such a great time with these beautiful girls & their gorgeous moms too for their senior photography sessions!  We made our way around the farm just outside of Lancaster, that had so many great photo spots–I could shoot there all the time & still be finding great new backdrops!  Both of these young ladies are runners on Liberty Union’s Cross Country team & are not just beautiful, they’re good athletes.  My boys who run at Lancaster keep up with their neighbors up the road.  I wonder if it’s the running, or there may be other reasons?  I’ve known Kenley since she was still a little girl, & wow–has she grown into a beautiful young lady.  It was a pleasure getting to spend the day with this whole group.  I had so much fun & got tons of great photos.  We did friend photos as well as individuals.  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the friend pics–individuals coming next!

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