The Valeri Galeri | Photography by Valeri Hoffman Bradford | Lancaster High School Gales Cross Country Seniors Bob Reall Invitational

Lancaster High School Gales Cross Country Seniors Bob Reall Invitational

September 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

  It seems like just yesterday that we were getting ready to go watch these kids run in their first big home meet--The Bob Reall Invitational here in Lancaster.  That was back when they were 7'th graders--new to cross country.  Now here it is--we're getting ready to go watch them all run in their last Bob Reall  Invitational as the 2018 Senior Class.  To say that the years have flown is an understatement.  It seems like they were all just awkward little junior high schoolers.  And just like that-- Here we are--it's Senior Year.  Most of these kids have been together as a team through all these years.  It seems such a long time, but at the same time, it doesn't.  They've been through lots of ups and downs.  There have been great wins & disappointing losses.  They have accomplished great personal bests & they have struggled through injuries.  There is definitely a bond.  This is a great group of kids!  They're not just great athletes.  They're great students, consistently having some of the highest GPA's at Lancaster High School.  They're involved in many other extracurricular activities.  They volunteer in a variety of roles throughout the community.  They even have a team member, Clayton Lunsford,  running to be the next mayor of Lancaster!  Anyone who has anything negative to say about our young people today just needs to spend a little time with any of these seniors.  They are impressive.  They are leaders. 

I will be watching(& photographing) them today.  I'll be at the finish line cheering them all on.  It's going to be such a bittersweet day--not just watching my boys, but all the rest of the kids who have become like family too, along with their parents & families & coaches-- in this last home meet. I hope they all have outstanding races today.  I would love to see the Gales win their home meet!  Regardless of how they finish the race today, I'm proud of my boys & their teammates.  I've loved watching them all run!  I know the future will be bright!  Be Relentless! Go Gales! #granvillepike



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